07 July, 2019

Tech Daily #2

1. Nokia Phone Leaks

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  • There is a new Nokia phone on the horizon and it could be part of Nokia 8 series. 
  • The mystery Nokia phone has been leaked on several websites and its images show that it will come with 3 rear cameras.

2. Sony New Earbuds

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  • This Earbuds name is WF-100XM3.
  • The new earbuds come with advanced noise cancellation, powered by a dual noise sensor that catches more of the ambient sounds from your surroundings. 
  • This is paired with a dedicated HD noise-cancelling processor, the QN1e, which cancels more noise across all frequencies while using less power. 

3. Oneplus One battery Fire

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  • A Oneplus customer named Rahul Himalian, who was using the company’s first ever device OnePlus One, has recently lodged a complaint saying that his smartphone caught fire in the middle of the night. 
  • Details of the incident were shared on Twitter by India Today news anchor Chaiti Narulam, who is a friend of Himanlian. 
  • She also posted images of the burnt device along with the email that was sent to the OnePlus customer care.

4. Fake Samsung App Scam

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  • This is fake app on google play store and remove from Samsung team.
  • It has 10 million Downloads and charge money to user for update your Samsung device.