11 July, 2019

Tech Daily #4

1. Hongmeng OS Faster then Android

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  • Huawei CEO said in an interview that Hongmeng OS is faster than Android, MacOS.
  • He added that Hongmeng OS will have broader applications compared to Android.
  • Hongmeng OS will have a processing delay of less than 5 milliseconds.

2. Snapdragon 215 Launched

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  • Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon 215 as its newest entry-level mobile platform. 
  • The Snapdragon 215 replaces the Snapdragon 212 seen on smartphones like the Nokia 2
  • The entry-level mobile platform brings major changes to Qualcomm 2 Series. The Snapdragon 215 is now a smartphone platform. 
  • It means that the platform might not power devices running KaiOS’ smart feature platform. 
  • While the Snapdragon 212 was meant to bring 4G to everyone, the Snapdragon 215 brings 4G VoLTE to even entry-level devices.

3. Realme 3i Launch

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  • Realme 3i is an upcoming smartphone by Realme.
  • The Realme 3i is rumoured to run Android Pie and is expected to be powered by a 4,230mAh battery.
  • Realme 3i based on Android Pie.
  • Connectivity options on the Realme 3i are said to include Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth v4.20. Sensors on the phone are rumoured to include fingerprint sensor.
  • It is said to launch in Red and Blue colours.

4. PUBG Lite + Jio

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  • Jio has partnered with PUBG LITE to offer free gifts to players.
  • The gift includes a free skin for PUBG LITE players.
  • Players need to register and redeem the gift via an in-game code.