29 September, 2020

Cyber Attack On ISRO

Cyber Attack On ISRO
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Currently China is attacked on ISRO's Satellite network. ISRO's server security successfully defends on attack. china cyber group are trying to access and get very confidetial data from our higher authority to get his/him information.

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They are use our data in very different factor. This type of attack running daily from china.

Attacks will remaing on our goverment, PM and CM of each state, very famous organization(Reliance, Adani, etc), Telecom company, etc.

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India space and satellite operations are handled by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). ISRO chief K. Sivan has confirm that cyber attack is impacting ISRO data or operations. Sivan has consistently acknowledged that cyber attacks have consistently targeted ISRO over the past few years, albeit without success.

How to Prevent From Attacks.
1. Keep your all social Media Password Strong.
2. Keep your all account password different, strong and not relevent to your name, Bith date also don't match with any another your personal information.
3. Don't share any details with any one in social Media, Call, Message and any another platform.
4. Don't put your personal information any where in forms.
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